L'Air du Temps: The art of modernity 1900-1930

27 April - 28 July 2018

During the first 30 years of the twentieth century, the costumes and codes of the fashion underwent the most radical transformations. Fashion became a definite marker of social change, innovation and modernity.

The exhibition "L'air du Temps, the art of modernity 1900-1930" offers to look at those changes through the brush of the masters, including works by: Boris Aronson, Nina Aizenberg, Robert Delaunay, Natalia Goncharova, Konstantin Korovin, Alberto Magnelli, Jacqueline Marval, Pablo Picasso, Kees van Dongen, Ber Issachar Ryback, Joquin Sorrolla y Bastida, Georg Tappert and Maurice de Vlaminck.

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