Monte Verità

Expressionist Utopia
Essays by Andreas Schwab, Harald Szeemann, Gabrielle Dufour-Kowalska Angelica Jawlensky Bianconi, Stefan Rindlisbacher, Norbert Servos, Denise Marroquin & Flaminia Scauso., 2016
Monte Verità: Expressionist Utopia
Publisher: Primamusa
Dimensions: 28 x 28 cm
Pages: 143
ISBN: 978-2-9700840-8-2
Chf 40.00

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Monte Verità Expressionist Utopia at AV Modern & Contemporary from April 15 to July 16, 2016. The catalogue includes essays by Andreas Schwab (Historian & Curator), Harald Szeemann (Curator), Gabrielle Dufour-Kowalska (Dr Philosophy), Angelica Jawlensky Bianconi (Alexej von Jawlensky-Archiv S.A.), Stefan Rindlisbacher (Fribourg University), Norbert Servos (dance critic), Denise Marroquin (Art Historian) & Flaminia Scauso (Art Historian) exploring the different historical developments. Bilingual edition (French & English).